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Aloha from sunny Paihia,


Great to have visiting instructor Sue Wilson and Danuta from Motueka in Paihia on a weeks r&r break and have them at my Tuesday class.  Hope your group enjoy Hear my Song (Bill Chapman choreography) and Elvis Tonight, as much as we do.  Nice songs to sing along to as well, not that some of us can sing, and our visitors too polite to comment otherwise!


Recently taught dances: Locomotion, Once In A Lifetime Love, Where The Wind Blows, Brighter Day (Improver), The Great Waltz, A Night Like This (Improver), Seeing You Again. Revised Blasts From The Past: Heartbreaker, Momma Mia, Cross My Heart, Fire On Ice, Razor Sharp. Most popular requested dance at our classes for 2012: Caribbean Pearl.


“Welcome to Northland” social hosted by Whangarei Toe Tappin’ Line Dancers (Beverley Baxter), welcomed Cook Strait & Gourmet Country and Bruce Tau & groups to Northland on Friday 12th October. Lots of newer dances Beautiful In My Eyes, Wrap Me Up, Kiss Off, I Love CC, and 1929, plus a good work-out demo of Swing Time Billy by Judy Pore and her group.  Night time socials used to be the norm when we first started dancing in Northland but less obvious these days. Thank you Toe Tappers for all the fabulous food & desserts table and to Barbara Neish & dancers for letting me dine with you.


“Spring Fling” at Kamo Club (Rhonda Wilson) on Sunday 14th October was a full on day with DJ Sue Wilson, ably assisted by partner in crime Danuta complete with sherrif’s badge to keep dancers on their toes and in straight lines. Dances taught, Locomotion / Once In A Lifetime Love / Swing, all Sue Wilson choreography.  Dances have been on-taught at most Northland classes already and are proving popular. I love the lyrics to “Once In A Lifetime Love” by Alan Jackson.  I’m not strictly a country music fan but what’s not to like with a romantic Alan Jackson singing away! Special entertainment skit by the Kamo Club Line Dancers of “Black & White” was extremely well performed with very effective outfits and footwork, well done you guys on all your hard work. Line dancing “Happiness Award” to Ola Burling and “Colgate Smile Award” to Mihi Cornelius.  Thanks for a wonderful day Team Kamo and Sue & Danuta for an enjoyable weekend. When we find Motueka on the map we will come and visit!


Whakapara Line Dancers (Alice Leask) hosted their annual social on 3rd November. Fun and frivolity was the theme for the “unthemed” day, with lots of favourite music and dances.  Our first chance to do new “Spring Fling” dances, along with demo’s of Black Gemini, Caribbean Pearl by Whg Central / Paihia line dancers; new dance Takin’ It Easy (Bill Chapman) Whakapara line dancers; This Ole’ Boy (3 x Warkworth/Wellsford line dancers); and Without Fire, Whangarei Toe Tappers. “Almost Northlanders” travellers Andrew & Linda Blackwood from Auckland shared the day with us, with Andrew teaching Bandido’s Last Ride (Gaye Teather UK).


24th  November, Whangarei Toe Tappin’ Line Dancers (Bev Baxter) was our first Christmas social in the wind-down of 2012 socials.  Some new faces and learner dancers recently joining our world - Wendy McFarlane & Dennis Nelson, Celina Dai, all now members of Whangarei Toe Tappers, braving their first ever social, having only been to 3 x classes. The Wanderer, Say Hello, Queens Waltz, Stray Cat Strut, for the newies; demo’s of Ice Cream Freeze by combined Whakapara / Whangarei (Central) line dancers; Open Heart Cowboy (Alice Leask/Sue Orr/Graham Bradley 3x brave souls); Bandido’s Last Ride, Waipapa line dancers; Marie O’Dell & Betty George demo of Burning Ring Of Fire (Betty’s choreography). Hello to ex-Christchurch dancers, Paul & Wendy Brocas.  Welcome to our classes and to Northland.


New look hair style for Mihi Cornelius of Waipapa Line Dancers, who had her head shaved to raise awareness and funds for under-18 terminally-ill teenagers and Northland teenagers with cancer. Mihi raised $500-00 and together with 62 locals from Kerikeri/Kaikohe areas all had their heads shaved in support, raising a total of $40,000-00 for Northland. Congratulations and well done!


First social for the New Year, Whangarei (Central) Line Dancers (Eric White) on Saturday 19/01/13. Come and join us if you happen to be in the neighbourhood. Happy Birthday on 25/01 to bionic woman Pat Kenyon of Whangarei (Central) line dancers, who is expecting to out-dance / out-party us on the floor now that she has a new hip.


Merry Christmas everyone from Northland line dancers and a safe and Happy New Year. Thank you Mike & Chrissie for all the “extensions” during the year. See you out on the floor sometime / some where.


Sue Orr
Paihia Line Dancers

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